One of the good things about foresight is that you get to work with other creative, enthusiastic and smart people. At Day One we can tap into a network of other strategists, designers and futures practitioners to help you get the best from the future. Here are some of our colleagues and futures friends.


Steve, at Anticipate

Steve is the Director of Anticipate Limited. He has over 18 years of applied futures thinking, strategy and policy development experience, including working for the Prime Ministers of Britain and Australia on strategy and futures thinking.


Simon & John, at PEP

Public Engagement Projects is a consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand, that works with the public and private sectors to improve organisational performance by building “architectures of listening”.

Simon & John have worked on a range of large scale public engagement projects, including New Zealand’s first nationwide online public dialogue process when working at the Bioethics Council.

Dr George Slim.jpg

George, at Rhadegund Life Sciences

George is a consultant with Rhadegund Life Sciences Ltd working with organisations to provide policy advice, access to science knowledge, assist with funding sources, and consulting on strategy in the management of research and intellectual property.  

He is working with Science New Zealand as Policy and Research Advisor, and also provides policy advice to the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser, Professor Juliet Gerrard.