Ariadne blog

Robert’s earlier writings on foresight - his Ariadne blog - can be found at NZ Sciblogs. Below are some posts that may pique your interest.


Futurists, a field guide

20 Dec., 2017

While you are out and about over summer keep and eye and ear out for futurists. They are not so common in the antipodes, but more are starting to appear on our shores. There are several species (and subspecies), so I’ve created a little guide to help you identify the most likely ones that you’ll come across in the wild. Some are more worthy of attention than others.


Jetpack joyrides

19 June, 2018

The Jetpack has been a futuristic symbol of techno-utopia, and freedom, for a century. 


Tomorrow never really comes

10 Oct., 2017

In Zeno’s philosophical paradox Achilles can never overtake the tortoise. Similarly, it sometimes seems that future technologies never arrive.


The silent “y” in futures

23 Sep., 2016

Many discussions about the future are about “what?” and “how?”

The outcomes are usually lists or descriptions. These are fundamentally second order futures questions.